If you're a wholesaler and you want to expand your offer with great wearable souvenirs, heat transfers can help you grow your business. Sure, you can order pre-printed shirts from China and worry about it's stock and warehouse space but using heat transfer and blank textiles, your margins will be bigger and your stock will be tidy.

Aside from it's production simplicity, another thing you should think about is quality. Using heat transfers for creating a wearable souvenirs, you are no longer dependent on factory's deadlines, errors and misunderstanding. It's up to you how good your product will be.

When ordering pre-printed clothes, you need to have a good estimate on clothes sizes and colors as much as designs that will be printed on your wearable souvenirs. No matter how well-versed you are with your consumers (tourists and retail shops), it's not possible to know exactly how many tees in size S, M or XXXL you'll need for upcoming tourist season. Also, have in mind that fashion trends are changing really fast. For example, take a look at your souvenir t-shirt you bought in late '90s. There's no way that design can sell clothes these days. 

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