Appliance and usage

Technical info

Our Heat transfers can be applied on any surface which can endure ironing at high temperatures using industrial heat presses. Most of the cotton and polyester materials are perfectly good for heat transfers appliance.

Keep in mind that some of materials like fabrics that contain thin layer of polyester, rayon, or viscose are heat sensitive and require a transfer that applies at a lower heat application to reduce scorching or burn marks on the item.​

When ironing our classical plastisol heat transfers we usually suggest these parameters for heat press setup:

  • temp: 180-195°c

  • pressure time: 8-15 sec

  • tepid peel

For DST (digital silkscreen transfer) you can set up your heat press as following:

  • temp: 150-170°c

  • pressure time: 10-20 sec

  • cold peel

Storage and maintenance

Storage info

In general, our heat transfers can be stored for a longer time. Sealed in suitable packaging, such as sealed plastic bags, they can be used after more than 2 years from production date. This means that you can use them for a longer period of time, as needed, and you can be sure that they will be of the same quality as the first day.

To ensure the best possible conditions, please follow some basic guidelines:

  • avoid damp rooms, make sure there's no moisture in your storage,

  • ensure a normal room temperature, it would be ideal to maintain a temperature between 18 - 30 celsius,

  • You can sort the packages into a bunch, but make sure that the upward pressure is not too high,

  • high pressure can cause the paint to stick and can be damaged.

When opening packages, please note:

  • You can open them with a scalpel or knife, but be careful not to scratch the paint,

  • when opening a cardboard box, it is usually filled with recycled paper to avoid possible damage

  • remove the heat transfer from the plastic bag slowly, and avoid touching them excessively.

Printed clothes maintenance

Printed clothes

We advise you to look at the "wash and care" clothing maintenance instructions first, usually printed on the clothes label. For T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and other upper body clothes, this label is positioned inside the shirt, at the bottom of the left sleeve. Different materials require special maintenance, but our heat transfers are meant to survive a lot more than a fabrics it's applied on.

To ensure the best possible results, durability and saturation, please follow some basic guidelines:

  • do not iron the printed area, iron inside-out,

  • when possible, wash at 30°c or 40°c,

  • if you have to use higher temperatures (60°c or 90°c) wash inside-out,

  • avoid drying machines

Some tests we did:

  • a white Fruit of the Loom t-shirt printed with our 1-color heat transfer survived 50+ high temperature (90°c) washes without visible damages or discoloration in printed design

  • heat transfer we produced for a special workwear collection is still holding on after 10+ years of everyday usage

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