In the next few rows, we will try to explain the difference between pre-printed t-shirts and "blanks + heat transfers principle" of doing the t-shirt business. Pre printed t-shirts are mostly the best option for seasonal shops that sells many different items and doesn't have time, stock and workers who can deal with "blanks + heat transfers principle". 

If you are accustomed to dealing solely with sales and you are not interested in manufacturing, or have no time to devote, using pre-printed t-shirts is a smart option but you must be aware that profit margins could be a bit lower. Pre-printed t-shirt is a finished product that you can exhibit it in your shop as soon as the package arrives. And you're all set to make your first sale.

If you have decided that pre printed souvenir t-shirts can grow your sales and will expand your souvenir shop's value, we'll be happy to help! We're producing printed t-shirts for wholesalers and retail shops, giving you the opportunity to start into new niche which you will find profitable very soon. 

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