If you're into souvenirs wholesale, or you're running several souvenir shops it's much easier and cheaper for you to become our wholesale partner. We offer blank textiles (t-shirts, hoodies...), heat presses and heat transfers and we can help you start and grow your business! It is important to note that we can solve your stock problem, your margins can increase and together we can move forward.
Check out our Heat Transfers for wholesale page to find out more.

If you're running a smaller souvenir / gift shops who don't have enough space for self production using our heat transfers and our don't see themselves in our wholesale program, we can supply you with finished clothes and already printed souvenir t-shirts. Check out our Souvenir T-shirts for shops page.

For wholesalers and companies who already sell clothes to other souvenir shops


If you're running a gift shop or a souvenir shop we can offer finished products ready for sale

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