Pricing and payment


Because almost every job is different and can be more or less complicated we don't have regular price list for heat transfers and we approach to every design individually. We create final prices depending on number of colors, design preparation complexity, total quantities, garment properties and it's temperature consistency, heat transfer's final usage and industry where the products will be used.

To speed up the communication,  when making an order you can include some of information:

  • minimum quantities for heat transfer

  • dimensions (size of the design)

  • garment properties (fiber composition)

  • usage (workwear, sportswear, t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt---)

  • garment colors (all colors, specified colors...)

Existing customers (regular customers) are not obligated to make a pre-payment for any of our services but new customers are asked to pay for our services in advance. When heat transfers are done, we pack them same day and the invoice will be sent to you. Once the payment is completed, we ship the package immediately. 

All invoices and documentation will be sent via e-mail. As a part of our health and preserving nature policy we print invoices only once, and original invoice will be placed inside the box. Please check your box for all documents. Please, don't print invoices more than once if not needed.


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