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Merchandise For festivals

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

It’s not a secret that everyone here at ITG Heat transfers company is somehow involved into music industry. And that’s why we enjoy creating musical themed merchandise even more! It’s a pleasure to work with designers who understand how festival merchandise should look like, and every product we deliver for such an event is really important for us.

No matter how big or small festival is, and what kind of merchandise you need, we believe that every t-shirt or hoodie should look like a professional clothes everyone would love to wear. Aside from possibility to deliver the final products in every desired form and style, you can use one of our “All in one” packages and make your own “print on demand” shop at the spot. This kind of presentation is super fun and will engage people into creation of their own merchandise. Ask us for more information about our special “All in one” packages.

Respecting designer’s idea, we crave to come as close as possible to create a perfect product. Using color mixing systems developed by our technicians, our heat transfers can be applied to any garment without changing its vibrance or pigment.

As you can see from these photos, heat transfers we create for Ultra Europe music festival went through transitions during this process to ensure that neon pink color printed on the black surface really looks spacey as it should be. Mixing the ground color which fits perfectly to the upcoming neon inks is easier when you print directly on the fabrics but when you need to make it reversely for heat transfer, it’s a challenge! When printing directly, you can try background colors and try to get it right all day long, but in heat transfers production there’s no space for such an experiments. Why I’m talking about our individual approach to each design? It’s because I have seen so many cheap “garage production“ heat transfers and merchandise from other producers which I’m ashamed of. Today’s industry often does not care about quality and everything is meant to be cheap. But there’s a catch. Heat transfers can be booth; cheap and high quality!


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