Packaging and shipping

Heat transfers can be packed as you desire, but in most cases we pack them in dozen (12 pieces).

Here's why:

  • most t-shirt company pack their goods in a package of 12 (twelve)

  • it's easier to handle a pack of 12 papers than a pack of 100

  • pressure on ink and paper is minimized when it's weight isn't very big

  • you are more likely to use one package of 12 at the time than 100

Your package can be delivered via our logistic partners, or you can pick them up at our warehouse.
Prices for shipping are calculated after packaging and depends on it's weight. Free shipping is possible for bigger quantities.

Free shipping is offered:

  • for all regular customers and companies located in Croatia

  • for EU regular customers and companies whose orders are over 1 000,00€ 

Free shipping is not possible:

  • first time customers

  • orders under 50,00€ 

As a part of our health and preserving nature policy we use only carton boxes for packaging and recycled paper for box fillings. We encourage our clients to use our boxes for different purposes and recycle if possible.


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