Heat press is one of the main elements in heat transfers industry and we choose only the best heat presses to work with. Made in Italy, E.T.S. heat presses were installed in our company in early '90s and we can say this proud and loud: these are the best machines we ever worked with.

Built from solid and quality materials, these heat presses are made as a perfect tool for everyone who work with heat transfers and t-shirts. Heating process is fast, the bottom plate is stable and firm. Ease of use provides many opportunities, as well as space for improvisation and creativity. Also, there's enough free space for placing different textiles and positioning.


When ordering pre-printed clothes, you need to have a good estimate on clothes sizes and colors as much as designs that will be printed on your wearable souvenirs. No matter how well-versed you are with your consumers (tourists and retail shops), it's not possible to know exactly how many tees in size S, M or XXXL you'll need for upcoming tourist season. Also, have in mind that fashion trends are changing really fast. For example, take a look at your souvenir t-shirt you bought in late '90s. There's no way that design can sell clothes these days. 


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