Heat press is one of the main elements in heat transfers industry and we choose only the best heat presses to work with. Made in Italy, E.T.S. heat presses were installed in our company in early '90s and we can say this proud and loud: these are the best machines we ever worked with.

Built from solid and quality materials, these heat presses are made as a perfect tool for everyone who work with heat transfers and t-shirts. Heating process is fast, the bottom plate is stable and firm. Ease of use provides many opportunities, as well as space for improvisation and creativity. Also, there's enough free space for placing different textiles and positioning.


When ordering pre-printed clothes, you need to have a good estimate on clothes sizes and colors as much as designs that will be printed on your wearable souvenirs. No matter how well-versed you are with your consumers (tourists and retail shops), it's not possible to know exactly how many tees in size S, M or XXXL you'll need for upcoming tourist season. Also, have in mind that fashion trends are changing really fast. For example, take a look at your souvenir t-shirt you bought in late '90s. There's no way that design can sell clothes these days. 

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How the thermo press works?

As you already know, we need pressure and temperature for the color to migrate from paper to t-shirt. Theoretically, this process can be done with regular iron for home usage, but it takes too long and the procedure is really complicated. That's why we in t-shirt business use industrial thermo presses or heat presses which can ensure best results keeping the temperature and pressure constant so your t-shirt will be ready in 15 seconds! Thermo press, or heat press is a machine which heats the surface under high linear pressure. The basic heat press characteristics are: pressure time, temperature and pressure strength. Basically we use temperature range from 130 - 200 Celsius, pressure time from 8 - 20 seconds (or 60+ seconds for sublimation heat transfers) and pressure strenght of 3-6 bars.

What's the difference between manual and automatic heat press?

Basically, no matter which heat press you choose, the process is the same. The main difference between manual and automatic heat press for heat transfers is ease of usage and t-shirt production speed. If you're running a smaller shop or a gift shop, manual heat press will be just fine. As your business grows, maybe you should think about the automatic one. For bigger productions, we suggest automatic heat presses to reduce production time and manual labor.

Manual heat presses for heat transfers uses the leverage technique to make the pressure, which means that you need to press the lever with your hands. It's pretty good idea if you're into body buillding sports! After 100 t-shirts, you'll see improvments in your biceps. Temperature should remain the same all the time, as well as the pressure strenght and time. When specified time counts down, the press will notify you that you can return the lever to its original state. That's how the heating process with manual heat press is done.
Automatic heat presses for heat transfers uses pneumatic system to make the pressure, so it's necessary to have an air compressor. Set the temperature, time and pressure, center the t-shirt on the bottom plate, put the heat transfer faced down, place the heater above your t-shirt and heat transfer and press the buttons. After specified time counts down, the heat press will release the pressure and your printed t-shirt will be ready to go off the press.

Tip: Through time, as you gain experience and using only high quality heat transfers, your production technique and speed will improve drastically.

Heat Presses for other textiles and caps

Our heat transfers can be applied to almost every textile, but it's tricky to apply them correctly with only one heat press plate. As you can see from the picture above, our heat presses are multi funcional in a way where you can change the plates and heaters to fit caps and t-shirts using the same heat press. Plates are replaceable but they are sold separately.

Good to know

  • It's really important to choose a heat press that meets all your needs, and the high quality heat press will encourage you to grow your t-shirt bussines. Try to think about this machine as your basic tool for delivering the perfect product. Since you are on this site, i suppose you want to work better and gain the reputation, so our suggestion to you is to accept our advices based on experience and get yourself a solid heat press.
  • Not all the heat presses are the same, they differ in the material from which they are manufactured, manufacturer experience, market presence and client's satisfaction. The oldest Heat Press we have in our company is the E.T.S. Panto 3545 made in early '90. Still working well.


If you're interested in E.T.S. Heat Presses, let us know and we'll make the best offer for you. Different financing options are available, and if you just started your t-shirt business we'll be happy to help you grow. Visit our All in one partnership program to find out more.

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