Health and Preserving nature policy

As a nature lovers and pet parents, we crave to do our best in preserving nature.
Printing industry can be a pretty dirty job, but we are convinced that every one of us can and must take care of our environment.

Here's why:

  • we can't live without clean water, which means we cannot print.

  • no cotton, no T-shirts. Plants are the basis of every production, artificial materials cannot replace natural ones.

  • sustainable development is the basis of tourism, without tourists much less T-shirts would be sold

  • the longer we breathe clean air, the more time we have to produce better products.

  • disruption of the natural chain can destroy humanity, and we do not want to be on the defendant's bench

  • we want to raise our children in harmony with nature, so when we're retired, someone else can continue this journey of production of great heat transfers and t-shirts :)

What we do:

  • we use only carton boxes and recycled paper for box fillings, encouraging our clients to use them for different purposes and recycle if possible.

  • we don't print invoices or other documentation if not necessary. Your financial office can handle digital documentation as well as printed ones. 

  • we work exclusively with Non-Phthalate inks, produced by ISO 14001 certified producers

  • we maintain high standards of cleanliness, using reusable fabrics for everyday cleanings

  • we don't work with PVC inks or chemicals

  • we use only paper cups for coffee :)

  • we work with standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified textiles only

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