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Heat Tranasfers

What is Heat Transfer?

Heat Transfer, Decal, Thermal Transfer or Transfer Paper is a paper specialy designed for transfering pre printed designs to the textile surfaces using thermal processes. Designs can be applied using the heat presses. Any design can be produced as a Heat Transfer, and mostly every fabric can serve as a base. Depending on the customer's wishes, it's purpose, the fabric we want to decorate with this technique, we're selecting the ideal production technique.

Why Heat Transfer?

Heat Transfer is the fastest way for printing textile products. It's cheap and it's quality is as good as direct silk screen printing, but there's a catch! When you don't want to have a big stock of pre printed T-shirts waiting to be sold, and you don't want to deal with prints which ruined your Tees so you aren't able to sell it anywhere, is where Heat Transfers comes in light. You have blank fabrics (T-shirts, Tops, Caps, Sweatshirts, Hoodies...) and when you need one to be printed, you can do it in 15 seconds! No need for big stock. Only stock you need is a pre printed heat transfers who are a lot cheaper than already printed textile.

Heat Transfers vs Other Techniques

People use different techniques for decorating textiles, and most popular are silk screen printing, digital printing, flock foil transfer, DTG printing, embroidery, heat transfer and sublimation heat transfer. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages, but also its specific uses. Heat Transfer can meet all their virtues trying to avoid their weaknesses. The only problem of pre printed heat transfer is the limit on minimum quantities when you have multi color design you need to apply. For example, if you want to create only 3 different T-shirts for your party, you'll choose DTG (direct to garment printer) but it's price and production complexity is a reason why you'll use it just for that one time. We suppose you're not here for 1 T-shirt? If you think about growing your business - think about Heat Transfers.

Different kinds of Heat Transfers

It's not up to you to understand the technology to be able to choose the best kind of Heat transfer for your fashion brand, your company's workwear or your client's merchandise. It's our job to deliver the product which meets all your needs, but it's important for you to know all the benefits and limits of different kinds of Heat Transfers. There's a important difference in waterbased heat transfers, plastisol heat transfer or flock foil heat transfer. Also, sublimation heat transfer is another option you should consider when creating your clothing brand or starting a dropshipping store. However, you want heat transfers for workwear (smaller logos, tags, badges...) to be hard, solid and more durable than those you need for music festival merchandise. Also, heat transfers for sport team's jersey should be fat, hard and stretchable


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Fruit of The Loom, Gildan, B&C, Sol's



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