On this page, production team of ITG Heat transfers will provide some general information about design preparation to avoid possible unnecessary errors. The main goal of this guides is to create the heat transfer in a way you designed it. Uncompromisingly.

Even if you're an experienced designer or working in similar industry, please read carefully the following rules because our mission is to deliver the best possible results. Heat transfer design preparation is quite different than any other form of product design but our designers and technicians will give their best to make it as easier as possible. Concentrate yourself to create great design, and we will do the rest.

General guides:

  • convert all fonts to curves​

  • rasterize layers in photoshop

  • try to use objects instead of contour lines or strokes

  • if you use .jpeg photos keep in mind it's resolution

  • try to avoid .jpg 

  • we love vectors

  • respect the guides

  • use your own art

For better understanding the main principals of heat transfer production Download our Design preparation guide

Use high quality raster images or vectors for better results

Don't use blurry or low quality images. Results won't be really good

Bitmap quality depends directly on original file's resolution

Keep in mind your design's contrast and difference between lines

This designer's guide is exclusively informational and we created it to speed up the process of production. If you're not a designer, or you don't know how to use these guidelines please contact us anytime.

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